Jon and Meg

Our Story

We met in college, in painting class to be specific.  That was just the beginning of our artistic partnership.  Little did we know after many years together and two kids later, we would have the opportunity to work together everyday doing exactly what we love.

Building Made By Meg, our original sea glass jewelry line, and Prism Sea Glass into international brands has been an exciting ride.  It has given us the opportunity to provide for our family and a chance to give back.  To support the future of the jewelry industry and our alma mater, we have created The Carter Aspiring Metalsmith Scholarship, a yearly scholarship for two upperclassman at Coastal Carolina University.  Part of your purchase will go towards this cause.

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work together.  Most days we thrive on working in our overly-organized, sun-filled little studio located in our home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We often debate about whether to listen to music or a podcast, but we are always having fun. We enjoy each other’s company by sharing ideas, joking around and building our small business into a future for our daughters. Thank you for making our dream possible.

Jon and Meg Carter