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Is your sea glass real?

Yes. The sea glass we use is 100% genuine, white sea glass that was found on the beach.  It has all the romantic qualities of traditional sea glass, we have just taken it and added a splash of color.  Sadly, white sea glass is often walked past and classified as the common and is often an undesired color to collectors.  We have given it new life and a pop of interest in every color of the rainbow.

How do you color your glass?

We use genuine, white sea glass and put color behind the glass creating an illusion of color.  Our exact process is proprietary to our business.  We do not dye or stain the glass. We can assure our customers that the color will not fade or change and will stay the same brilliant color throughout the life of the jewelry.

What metal do you use?

All Prism Sea Glass jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver.  Nothing is plated.  A polishing square and care instructions are included with every purchase.

Can I send you some of my sea glass?

Sorry, no. Our process requires a particular quality and type of sea glass, so we can not provide this service.

Do you offer wholesale?

We sure do! It’s our specialty.  Please visit our wholesale page for more information.

How about custom colors?

We are certainly willing to do custom colors, but it may require an additional fee if the quantity being ordered is small.

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