Sunglasses Sara with sea glass jewelry

A unique product

Prism Sea Glass (a sister jewelry line of Made By Meg) is the new, innovative generation of sea glass jewelry.  The first of its kind on the market.  Using genuine, white sea glass and our proprietary process, we put color behind the glass to create the illusion of color.  This approach gives us the opportunity to offer sea glass jewelry in a range of exotic colors never before possible.

Owners/jewelers with the background and know how

Although we don’t like to boast about ourselves, let us put that aside so you will know the facts. With over 9 years of experience in the sea glass industry under our sister jewelry line Made By Meg, we have developed the skill, knowledge and expertise when it comes to sea glass.  Building a sea glass jewelry business from the ground up, we (husband and wife, Jon and Meg) have created a hobby into a full time job for both of us.  Our business has been referred to by others in the industry as “a sea glass empire”.  Meg is regarded as an expert in the sea glass community, giving lectures at various sea glass festivals.  She also is a regular columnist for Glassing Magazine, the first and only sea glass magazine.  Meg is also the creator of the sea glass collector “must have” The Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Guide.  The Carter guide, a poster, features 81 traditional sea glass colors that are classified and named.  With thousands of copies sold all over the globe, the guide has been referred to as the “go-to” resource for collectors, jewelers and crafters in the community.  Rest assured, with Prism Sea Glass, you are getting the best in the sea glass industry.  When it comes to jewelry skills, Meg has been trusted by hundreds of customers across the globe to create one-of-a-kind sea glass and diamond engagement rings.  Being on the cutting edge of jewelers tools, Meg’s business and story were featured for a world renowned company, Orion welders for their customer spotlight video.  A product Meg is also now a sales representative for, helping others in the jewelry industry.  They are also proud members of MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America), which prides itself in holding members to the highest ethics in the jewelry industry.  When it comes to artistic background, Meg and Jon, life-long artists, both hold a bachelors degree in art studio, in fact it is where they met (in oil painting class).  Jon left his job as a full stack web developer and programmer to join Meg full time as a jeweler.  Jon is the master behind both websites, so you can be sure they will always be functional, easy to use and up to date.  That’s enough talk about us, let’s talk more about the jewelry!

Consistent quality you can count on

It is no secret that genuine sea glass is getting harder to find.  Traditional sea glass in desired colors are becoming few and far between.  Further, to find these desired colors in pieces that are jewelry quality is even harder. With Prism Sea Glass we use all genuine, white sea glass.  At least within our lifetime, white sea glass that has been naturally tumbled by the waves, will always be available.  Not only will it be available, but it will be accessible in jewelry quality and in large quantities. White is often the color that is most commonly found, but also walked past on the beach, which is fortunate for us.

Simple pricing

Traditional color sea glass can be found in a range of colors, but some colors are certainly more rare than others.  The simple supply and demand quandary has led prices of these rare colors to creep up with no end in sight.  This issue has left some colors completely out of the budget of most shoppers.  The rarity and difference in price among colors can cause confusion for consumers that aren’t aware of the differences. Trust us when we say we know about these selling difficulties, we have been selling traditional color sea glass for 9 years and trying to overcome these issues. With Prism, none of these concerns are a problem.  All the glass used is white so it is all priced the same, so there’s no need to explain rarity and pricing differences.

Sea glass is in demand

Interest in sea glass is on the rise.  The sea glass industry has grown at a rapid rate over the past decade.  The number of sea glass festivals has grown from 1 in 2006 to 15+ in 2017.  The interest of collectors, crafters and jewelers is increasing.  With this interest, the number of consumers familiar with what sea glass is has also grown.  The mystery and awe that comes with sea glass is easy to fall in love with.  Those educated in sea glass, want genuine sea glass, but they also want colorful sea glass.  Unfortunately, the price of traditional, colorful, genuine sea glass is growing out of most buyer’s reach.  Prism offers the best of both worlds: genuine sea glass, with the desired colors, all at a affordable price.

How to get started

Visit our wholesale page to get started.  There’s a super-simple form to fill out which should only take you about 60 seconds.  We can’t wait to do business with you!

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