Sea glass rings - jet black and navy blue

A couple weeks ago on Instagram, we reached out and asked our followers what they would like to see next (as far as colors) and we were blown away by how many people requested black.  When you think of sea glass, it’s probably common to have thoughts of ocean hues and frosty pastels.  Many people don’t think of those rich dark colors like black – but when you see it, it’s hard to look away.

Traditionally, black sea glass is a really dark green that is substantially thick, not allowing much light to travel through, offering the illusion of black.  Our “jet black” sea glass is, well, black as black can get.  Pure black next to a mirror finish silver is one of the best contrast combinations you can find.

Along with jet black, we’re releasing “navy blue”.  We thought it would be fun to have our release be a “black and blue” play on words.  Our navy blue offers a very nautical feeling and brings that same contrast with the silver as the other dark colors.

These two new colors are available in all of our products in the shop.  We hope you love them as much as we do.

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